WildAnarchy - 1.19 Anarchy Server

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What sets us apart

We've worked really hard to balance maintaining vanilla gameplay as much as possible, while still improving quality of life for our community in any way we can. Here are just a few (but not all) of the features that set our server apart from the rest:

First Class Hardware

We've invested heavily in our server infrastructure. The server runs on a Dedicated machine with an AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X, which has one of the best single-thread ratings available on the market, as well as NVMe Storage for faster chunk loading.

Low-Latency DDOS Protection

To ensure the lowest latency possible, we use a DDOS protection server that is located very close geographically to our host server, to provide the lowest ping possible for our players. Most of our users have around 50-100ms ping or less.

Balanced Anti-Cheat

It's very important for us to balance player freedom and gamebreaking exploits. We have one of the more fairly balanced Anti-Cheat configs out there for servers of our class, which allows for better PVP while not limiting you as a player unnecessarily.

Higher Mob Limits

While all larger servers need to limit mobs to prevent lag, we do our best to keep spawn rates as high as possible. Explore our Wiki to see how our mob limits work and what you can expect as far as spawn rates on the server.

Nether Roof & Dynamic Render Distances

Many Anarchy Servers struggle with lag due to player travel, especially on the Nether Roof. We actively change player's render distance when they are on the Nether Roof to allow them to travel quickly without causing large amounts of lag for other players -- this also helps your chunks load faster when traveling.

Better Farming

While all servers have to limit farmed mobs, we have done a lot to make farming more viable on our server than it is on most others. We have implemented a drop multiplier for farmed mobs, and while this is not strictly vanilla, neither is limiting mobs -- we view it as a necessary trade-off to get farm rates closer to vanilla rates on the server. Explore our Wiki to see how drop multipliers work.

Enhanced Chat / Anti Chat Reporting

Our server also boasts a ton of cool chat features! Colors in chat for voters, private /party chat for you and your friends, and toggles for joins/deaths, as well as a great /ignore system. We have also implemented a full Anti-Chat-Reporting system that will prevent you from getting chat reported on our server, and ALL of your messages are ALWAYS hidden from the server log/console.